Gift & Loyalty Card Program

Stuttgarden Tavern & Brewchachos Tacos

Use your card as simply a gift card. Or register your card for loyalty points and loyalty programs.

Loyalty Points Program

Earn 1 point for every dollar spent at any of our locations. Redeem your points at either concept.

Birthday Rewards Program

Loyalty members receive $15 off your food purchase on your Birthday!

Prost Club Program

Loyalty members can earn an exclusive “Prost Club” membership by purchasing 100 Draft Beers or Draft Margaritas during the calendar year! Prost Club members receive a $25 gift card credit and access to exclusive Prost Club rewards and events.

Register and manage your loyalty card or check your gift card balance here.

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One Card ...... Two Concepts

Stuttgarden tavern logo on golden plate

Stuttgarden Tavern

250 Points = Dessert
350 Points = Appetizer
400 Points = Bratwurst
400 Points = Burger/Sandwich
450 Points = Salad
500 Points = Entree

BrewchachosTacos logo

Brewchachos Tacos & Cantina

125 Points = Breakfast Taco
150 Points = Taco
200 Points = Appetizer
350 Points = Quesadilla

Gift & Loyalty Card Program Rules

Terms and Conditions

Loyalty Card Program

Upon receipt of a Loyalty Card, valued customers must register their Loyalty Card on-line at or Registered Loyalty Card Members will be eligible to participate in the Loyalty Points Program, Birthday Rewards Program and the opportunity to earn membership into our exclusive “Prost Club”.

Loyalty Points Program

To Earn Points, valued customers must present their Loyalty Card at the time of payment. The loyalty member paying the bill will receive loyalty points for their purchase. For every dollar spent at Stuttgarden or Brewchacho's, Loyalty Members will earn 1 Point on their Loyalty Card.

To Redeem Points, valued customers can redeem Loyalty Card points by presenting their Loyalty Card at the time of payment and by requesting point redemption against their open tab at the following point redemption values:

Menu Items / Required Redemption Points / Max Redemption Value

Appetizer / 200 / $ 7.50
Breakfast Taco / 125 / $ 4.50
Taco / 150 / $ 5.00
Burrito, Quesadilla & More (Entrée) / 350 / $ 11.00

Stuttgarden Tavern
Appetizer / 350 / $ 13.00
Salads / 450 / $ 15.00
Bratwurst / 400 / $ 12.00
Burgers/Sandwich / 400 / $ 14.00
Entrée / 500 / $ 15.00
Dessert / 250 / $ 9.00

Birthday Rewards Program

Loyalty Members will receive $15 off your food purchase at Stuttgarden Tavern or Brewchacho's Tacos as a Birthday Reward. Birthday Rewards are valid 2 weeks before and 2 weeks following your birthday. Unused Birthday Rewards expire at the close of business 2 weeks following your birthday.

Prost Club Exclusive Membership

Loyalty Members that purchase 100 draft beers or draft margaritas during a Calendar Year will earn exclusive membership to our “Prost Club” for the remainder of the Calendar Year in which they earn Prost Club Member Status. Prost Club membership is an annual membership which expires annually on December 31st therefore Loyalty Members must requalify for Prost Club membership annually by purchasing 100 draft beers or draft margaritas every calendar year. Upon achieving Prost Club membership, members will receive a $25 Gift Card Credit, recognition as a current year member of the Prost Club, exclusive access to Prost Club rewards and events.

By registering your Loyalty Card on-line, you can view your transaction history, available Loyalty points and Earned Rewards at or Stuttgarden Tavern and Brewchacho's Tacos reserve the right to periodically amend program rules. By using the Loyalty Card, user agrees to the terms & conditions of the Loyalty & Reward Program. Loyalty Card has no cash value and is not for credit or charge purposes. Please check online at or to review the current program rules.

Gift Card Program

Gift Cards are redeemable for food, beverages and merchandise at all Stuttgarden Tavern or Brewchacho's Tacos locations. Simply hand the card to your cashier at the time of purchase and amounts will be deducted from the Card balance. You can check your available balance online at or Unused Gift Card value remains on card and may not be redeemed for cash. Gift card balances expire 5 years from date of purchase. Stuttgarden Tavern and Brewchacho's Tacos are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Cards or any unauthorized use. Gift cards are issued by and the property of Stuttgarden Tavern or Brewchacho's Tacos. Gift Cards are only valid at Stuttgarden Tavern and Brewchacho's Tacos locations.